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After signing up to do the petitions on the whitehouse page I kept getting emails from about what was going on with the whitehouse and what they are trying to do. Almost all of them were about gun control, and every one of those was one sided and completely against gun owners. The last one I got before unsubscribing talked about how 17,000 people pledged to talk to people about creating more gun control measures. I could be wrong but 17,000 isn't close to 90% of Americans. In fact 17,000 isnt even close to the population of my home town. The POTUS and VPOTUS are very passionate about this, but I either they aren't seeing whats going on themselves or some advisors aren't telling them what a lot of Americans actually want. I have a very strong feeling that the number of people who do not want stronger background checks is a lot more than 10% of the population.