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Originally Posted by thegrinchboy View Post
Great! Thanks.
Tully BMW of Nashua says they will do the install for $760 and the alignment for $120

Concord Motorsport (local bmw shop) said they would do it for $995 including alignment, which doesn't make sense that they would be more than the dealer

My buddy i think is gonna do the install for me for like $350-400

Originally Posted by 335xi Kevo View Post
IDK I always use impact guns/pneumatic ratchets on suspension when taking the bolts off. If you have difficulty and do not have those tools. A breaker bar, torch, and PB blaster is your best friend. Save $600 for methanol.
I have an impact gun but I gotta get myself a pneumatic ratchet. Breaker bar is a good one to have and not sure what a pb blaster is. I have no problem using a torch but i don't really have much training with them and i feel like a lot can go wrong, last thing i would want to do is mess up something serious lol. Ive definitely considered doing it myself tho just havent done it before and dont want to mess anything up
Just picked up an E90 07 335

Bone stock.....for now