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Originally Posted by ******84 View Post
1] You should read about it, there is a lot of information on internet.

3] Just add VO and recode all audio modules + CAAPL, NFRM and CAS and will be fine.

5] Yes, if you will change these three parameters to nich_aktive you AC won't turn on when you press AUTO MODE button.
today came the cable, and I have succesfully coded the Digital speed on BC

3) which are all audio modules? do i have to change anything in the file from ECUs? or just extend VO and the just write empty .man file or which exactly steps?

5) any ideas why there are three options?

I have light package - the door lights outside and light trims inside.
6) Is it possible set the external light in door handles to turn on all the time, when xenons are on?

7)Is it possible make the LED stripes inside make more visible? the light is barely noticiable

THANK YOU ! i love this forum

8) in which module is BMW_Assist item? I would like to set it to nicht_aktiv
everytime when I dont have connected the phone it says BMW SOS failure warning

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