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Originally Posted by LMB335IS View Post
Here, let me hand feed.

MSRP 60095
my price. 56607
cap cost red 2282.90
adj cap cst. 54324.43
this is the # the payment is based on. cap cost reduction is factory incentives.
MF is. 0013 and residual is 65% on a 36/10k lease. sales tax is 7% . Use a lease calc and figure it out.
that's an incredible deal..! the discount and interest rate is actually nothing special, but how the hell did you get a 65% residual value!??

Here in Canada, the residual value is 49% for the same lease term! (36month/16000km per year)
Did you negotiate on the residual value too? I thought they were all fixed from BMW NA!

65% vs 49% residual basically means you saved $10,000+ over your 36 month lease payment.
And there is no way your car will be worth $40K at the end of the lease term, which means BMW Financial fucked up their numbers