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Amazing experience at my daughters wedding last year.
I am an MG, as well as a BMW person - having had my MG since 1978!

The female side of the family knew a couple who had a number of cars, and they arranged one of them for daughters wedding. I knew that an old car was on the cards. Daughter described what sounded like a Riley Pathfinder. OK. Wife knew a little about what was coming but said nothing.
Come the big day, a 1936 MG SA Tourer rolls up. Absolutely beautiful car in stunning blue. One of only 5. A piece of MG history. I was literally in tears on my drive. A big car by any standards, and huge by MG standards, a full 4 seater. 2.3 litre straight six producing something of the order of 80bhp. 4 gears, hydraulic brakes, 12 volt electrics. Almost modern!

Forget about my daughter on her wedding day, the car was the star!!! (and she knows it)

I've since driven the car a little way, with the promise of a longer drive when the weather gets better. I've also been in the garage and got thier 1953 MGTF running after 8 years. They also have another '36 SA, a "normal" saloon. They used to do weddings, but the owners are both knocking on a bit, and the husband has health problems after breaking his back in a car accident (Morris Minor). Hence, the use of the SA was a favour to my daughter.