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Originally Posted by Motorchoco View Post
that's an incredible deal..! the discount and interest rate is actually nothing special, but how the hell did you get a 65% residual value!??

Here in Canada, the residual value is 49% for the same lease term! (36month/16000km per year)
Did you negotiate on the residual value too? I thought they were all fixed from BMW NA!

65% vs 49% residual basically means you saved $10,000+ over your 36 month lease payment.
And there is no way your car will be worth $40K at the end of the lease term, which means BMW Financial fucked up their numbers
The discount was pretty good for a custom ordered car and that's the base rate for a top tier BMWFS customer so that's as low as it gets.

The residual is non-negotiable. You are correct, it is fixed by BMW. Why the big difference, I have no idea but the Great White North is getting screwed at 49%.

As far as it's value at the end of three years BMW is just making a educated guess. In my particular instance, at the end of my lease I'll have less than 20k miles on it, it will be immaculate, the last of the E92's, the last of the
N54's(I think), and one of only a 3 yr model run, making it pretty exclusive. I'll be able to $40k plus all day long. For example, I leased a 03 20th Anniversary GTI for 3yrs. MSRP was 22k. Bought out the lease, residual was $14k. Drove it 2 more yrs and sold it for $15k. Desirability and the market at the time really drive the value at any particular time. I'll probably buy out the lease and keep it for a bit or sell it and make a little $.