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Originally Posted by 335dFan View Post
Rotor, very cool looking. Remind me where you got the blue 335d badge? Oh yeah, the same as the wheels, right? And how do you guys get the badge elements back on straight? VAC got -1.8 both sides on mine.
Thank you, sir! I really like how dynamic the paint is, but it makes it rather challenging to capture the essence in a photo (especially with my limited abilities).

The badge install wasn't bad at all actually. I'm pretty obsessive about these sorts of things, so I marked off the border to the letters with painters tape before removing the old badge (using the standard hair dryer & floss method). Cleaned the area with goof off, polished, waxed, then added the new blues (maybe 10 minutes all in). Honestly, I really liked the symmetry of the rear with no badge, but I felt like I had to represent for the diesel crowd...if I decide to put the "BMW Performance Diesel" tag holder on, I may remove the 335d.

John at YOWS (Ye Old Wheel Shop in Elkridge, MD for the non-locals) was kind enough to paint the badge for me while he was refinishing the wheels. I'm a big fan of consistency, and I wanted to make sure that they matched the wheels perfectly.

Yes, I'm itching to do the front m3 bits now that I feel the difference that just removing the alignment pins made. Was 1.7 with or without the camber plates?

P.S. Let me know when you get those winters off (pictures are, of course, mandatory) and maybe we'll try to meet up with Rye one day for a shoot!

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