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Originally Posted by 83k
Am I eligible for extended warranty? My 4yr/50k original warranty ran out a couple months back and I'm the second owner of the car.
Since you're past 4yr/50k, you can't get BMWs EVP (extended vehicle protection) which is very similar coverage to CPO. You would have had to upgrade to EVP before 4yr/50k. Even if you were eligible for EVP, it would only take you up to 100k miles coverage.

However, you can still get an extended warranty through your BMW dealership called Fidelity. The Platinum level warranty actually covers more than BMWs EVP, and all work is done at dealership just like EVP with oem parts. With Fidelity, you can add up to 7yrs/72k more (i think) to your existing scenario...thus meaning 50k + 72k = coverage until 122k miles.

Hope this helps!