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I asked one of the guys on the states who has it runnig on his , he said that it was available from the get go.

I checked out my DDE software version and since it had not been programmed since it was built figured that there might be some update which enables it. I have just tried this and sadly there is no update for my DDE since it was built and i am using Daten 48.1 which i beleive is the latest at this time of writing. The only thing I can think of is that the guys in the states didn't get the 35d or indeed other diesel models till long after Europe and being my car is a pre march 2007 build car with old defunked protocol probably doesnt have the capability.

so can only assume that cars built with a later version of DDE and or canbus protocol handles more information ?
Even INPA doesn't carry EGT values on my car , loads more available stuff for the N54 / 55