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Originally Posted by IanS100 View Post
I'm using Torque Pro on a 320d get DPF temp from Catalyst Temp (Bank 1, Sensor 1) - it usually runs around the 200 - 300 degrees but periodically goes up to 600 plus which I guess is a regen - I have an alarm set to go off at 450 degrees which gives me a warning
Indeed. I'm using an OBD reader with alarms since a few years. A complete, uninterupted regen takes 500 or 540 seconds (I still don't know). However it does not take much releasing off the throttle to see the temp dropping to below 450.

Originally Posted by o0timbo0o View Post
Ok, kinda goes along with my way of thinking as why it's not available for my car
I don't understand what BMW does here. I had for example intake temp (after intercooler), but then lost it after dealer did s/w update. Not knowing when a regen takes place would not please me.
An alternative (but less reliable) method is seeing if you have access to "Requested EGR %". With ambients above 0 C, and on a 320d, EGR is being requested up to 140 kph / 2400 rpm steady speed. I fear that might be higher on a 335d as it should be load/displacement related. That requested EGR % becomes zero during a regen, so no (unburned) fuel goes thru the EGR system back to the intake. But it is also zero during accelerations..