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Originally Posted by cormeister616 View Post
I wonder if he doesn't like it based upon working on it, or based upon modding it. I'm sure the average or even knowledge car guys/BMW guys would not have a clue to any difference (myself included). Do you plan on modding the car or anything? I'm thinking it wouldn't be any issue at all, I'm sure not worried about that, even if I decided to keep my car for a few more years. I have most of the receipts from service, definitely everything when BMW covered it. Some of the recent stuff like the water pump, oil change, brake flush, coolant flush, brakes, I've paid one of the senior BMW techs to do after hours. So it was all done by a BMW tech, but I don't have the "labor" receipts, just the receipt from the parts counter.

His concern was for upgrades/modifications. I don't plan on doing a ton to the car that would cause any issues that I can foresee. I wouldn't mind adding a few upgrades to the car but I don't plan to go insane. It's going to be my daily driver unless it's bad out then I will drive my F150.

I can understand that situation with helping a technician do work on the side. I know I've been there and done that before.

I do want to do a little bit more research just to be safe but it sounds like a lot of major concerns have been addressed and I am interested in the car. The distance would be the next biggest hurdle since I'd want to test drive the car and look it over before purchasing it. I would just hate to waste either of our times / money, etc. I'm sure you can understand and agree to that.

Is there anything about the car that I need to know that hasn't already been discussed? Any upcoming changes hat should be addressed, etc? Just making sure.