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4x4 advice

So Im a little frustrated, tried to lease a Qashqai twice now with no joy, first time around the 'deals' on the internet were actually different to the 'price' when all is said and done, and the second time around when Id agreed a price I'm told that there aren't actually vehicles available in the spec I want - I was only told this Friday, car's supposed to be with us 1st week of March.

So Ive kind of lost interest in that route.

Ive been fancying a 4x4 type for a while, and buying without lease/finance would be quicker and easier, and a friend already agreed to buy the Clio of us, so Id like to keep that sale going along.

Id want something big that I could get everything in, ie pushcair, car seat, shopping, golf clubs - so then when I go to see the Folks for the weekend we can take everything with us with ease and have a bit of space left over!
Im not really a fan of the MPV types, I only went for the Quashqai because I like the look of them and their cheap to lease.

12k(ish) budget, not a fan of the X5, so that doesn't get a look in.

Range Rover


Merc ML

Volvo XC90 (the Mrs likes these)

Grand Cherokee (would have cash left over for holiday!)

Any opinions on the above?
Anything I should be considering? Did think about E91 or A4 estate, but I didnt think they would be as big??