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Originally Posted by Meeni View Post
1. I put grease (unaware it was not recommended). I have had no problems whatsoever.

2. You have two ways of bedding in the pads. First remember that the goal is to layer an even coat of pad material on the rotor. As long as the rotor is not evenly covered, it is at risk of being "printed" with pad marks that eventually develop into pulsating brakes.

So 2 approches, one where you let time fix the issue, and avoid braking hard (because that would mark the pad if not done properly), one where you face the issue immediately, do hard braking under controlled conditions and get it done immediately (but if you screw up, it will mark the rotors - I guess BMW has seen enough customer screw up to think it is better to just let them drive w/o hard braking).

Almost EVERY car company recommends breaking in new brakes by "taking it esay on them" .... probably more of a liability thing since it would leave them open to a lawsuite if someone wrecked or injured/killed someone because they were "bedding in their brakes" ... I did a half-ass bedding to try to get the rears worked in... pretty much did the bed in process, just only did 5 or 6 stops from 60mph-20mph and not as "hard" as i would've had ive been doing the fronts.... I did check afterwards and my rears were very hot and could smell the pads, so I hope I got a good pad transfer layer on the reas... at least to start with. When i do the fronts in 1-2 months, I will re-bed my brakes completely.
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