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I am almost at 10k. Waiting on a new tire today -- wife found an enormous staple/nail on a trip to Arkansas, she phoned at midnight on the way back complaining about the stupid car because a bright red cup looking icon just appeared in the instrument pod. It might have been salvageable had she found the staple and pulled it out right away, but after driving all the way back on it the tire shop guy said it would be impossible to safely patch the damage -- two holes almost 1/4" each. I thought about plugging it, but it would be in the back of my mind every time I took a corner at speed. Amazing that the tire only deflated a couple pounds. I have an expenses-paid trip to France in April '08 -- can't think of an excuse for another ED yet though. It will be painful not to have my car over there, two weeks in southern France. Hopefully I can rent a diesel Touring.