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Originally Posted by dhanni848 View Post
So I did a test on my trunk this Saturday. I did A clean/dry, clay bar, and M205 with just a finishing pad. I think I need to do my polishing pad and then the finishing pad and it would get the car looking great.

My only issue was that I did get some halogramming when I was done. It's not bad but is noticeable. How can I keep from getting this? Did I work the M205 too long?
First of all.... did it remove the defects???? My feeling is that it didn't. Wipe down the panel with a IPA solution ( 1 : 10 distilled water) to remove the oil from the polish and you will see the true nature of the your panel.

If it didn't then go to the polishing pad and try again. How many passes did you make???? M205 is a SMAT product so you could stop any time you feel appropriate. I normally would do the last 2 passes at the end with no pressure and slightly faster arm movement to minimize the effect you are referring to.

Again... Good Luck.
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