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Originally Posted by peterg1965
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The RR for me. Everyone I know that's owned one has said they absolutely loved it and ended up keeping it way longer than they had originally planned.

I think you also need to take in consideration the maintenance costs for these cars. I'd imagine the Volvo being the cheaper of the 4 and the RR being quite expensive, if they went wrong!
RR gearboxes are made of jelly and v expensive to fix. I agree with Roger, approved used higher spec QQ
Yeah a range rover of this age is going to be bit of a money pit and don't expect it to get much more than 25mpg! It's a far bit bigger than a Quasqui though!

From what I've heard XC90's aren't great either!

As said earlier might be worth a look at Toyota Landcruisers (I'd stick with diesel) as they're pretty bullet proof! Think that's where my money would go ( though might be tempted to risk the RangeRover, there's just something about them!)