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Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
Just had a little nosey, plenty around, also get the choice of opting for a 2wd version (less weight, same high-up driving position, same space, more economical) which is what we've got. 09/59 plates, up to 30k miles, or if you don't need the extra space a standard QQ would be newer as less expensive initially. I've only driven the standard QQ once and though it was a better drive and the +2. I wouldn't discount a used X3, cracking car, though fewer fans looks-wise or to keep Chrisbin happy, a Tourag
I wasnt really a huge fan of the QQ, it was only that we needed something bigger, and the leasing deals were 'supposedly' very good, 200 a month which to me seems like awesome value to me, regardless of wether I liked it or not.
what have you got? the standard or the +2

not even thought about X3 to be fair - are they worth considering?