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Originally Posted by Cuticuti View Post
Yes, i replaced entire driver side headlight assembly with new ballast & new adaptive module (FMR?) which is at the bottom of the headlight. I understand that it needs to be coded & programmed since the new headlight moves to the opposite direction with the passenger side. Will try step A & B this weekend and let you know

I just coded follow the instruction (step A&B) above and it did not work for me.
This was what i did:

Procedure A:

6. after select E89, there was a window that I have to select 3 options: CAS, FRM (canít remember this), and NFRM. I selected CAS.

8. There was no F3 <choose ECU> available to choose, the screen briefly passed by and gave me the next screen with F4 <process ECU>. Then I can choose F4, it gave me option NFRM in step 9.

I followed all the steps to the end of procedure A.

For Procedure B: I followed all the steps to the end with the exception as step 6 & 8 above. It looked like the ECU got programmed for 30 seconds. But when I tested out the AHL, it did not work for me.

Question is, what else do I need to do? Do I need to program the VIN to the Adaptive module? If so, how do I do it?