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Originally Posted by dhanni848 View Post
Working area was half of the trunk. It didn't seem to dry up at all. I went faster than 1" per sec though. I will give that a try. Have some time to possibly do the entire car Saturday morning so hopefully I can get at it.

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For corrections, you want a smaller work area while polishing could be slightly larger. Try to do 1/3 of the trunk and see how it comes out. If the product is drying up on you, a squirt of distilled water with a sprayer on the pad will reactivate it.

With your machine, this is a time consuming process. You are probably looking at a 5-6 hours process (possibly more if you are doing a multi-steps correction) with this is being your first time out. This is what I would recommend to make it more palatable. Once you define the appropriate approach (which product, which pad, how many passes per section,etc) for the entire car and validate it through your test spots, do "start to finish" a panel at a time. You would correct and polish then apply your LSP a panel at a time. This way you could work on your car in sessions through the week or weeks rather than doing a all-or-nothing marathon.

Like always.....Have fun and good luck.
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