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Originally Posted by nickvacc View Post
I got my 08 335 two years ago with the exact miles you have on yours. Since then I've replaced the HPFP twice, water pump, 3 coils, 6 injectors, and intake carbon blasting. As far as I know only Rj HPFP would have been covered if I didn't have a warranty. Use that information as you will, but with a 335 I would get a warranty. Just got finished reading a thread about a guy being quoted 7k to replace the turbos
Exactly...seems that there are a lot more issues that occur other than wastegate rattle and HPFP. People have turbo problems not linked to wastegate rattle and your out $7,000. I spent $4,000 on mine which covers the electrical equipment as well (since I have idrive and HK sound). Mine is through BMW as well.