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Hi All
I cannot make a new thread so I will introduce myself here. I recently purchased my first BMW (2006 BMW 325i) I know it isnt much but it is a start (after leaving the honda/acura life style for over 10 years lol).
Anyway my question is about rims... I hear all this stuff about staggered look etc. I just want to make sure what I buy will fit on my car so if you guys can help me out.

I am not looking for no staggered look just plain wheels that will fit, scooping out ebay and located these:
I know they are relipcas but I am on a strict wife supervised budget lol
My question is: Will these fit? And can I just get 225/40/18 size tires? I was thinking the Falken 912
Thoughts? and Thanks!

Also will the offset affect anything?

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