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19" summer wheels finally went on today after loooong wintery time :) Huge service :)

Hey everyody

The summer wheels were washed, rinsed, dried, glazed and waxed uhhh took so many hours but below is the effect When this time comes our smile comes back on straight away Ive enjoyed all your photos, hope you like mine Weve done a huge service over the past few days also eg. engine oil and filter, microfilter, cleaned EGR and intake system, changed glow plugs (uhhhhhh!!!), red stuff brake pads, performance drilled brake discs, brake fluid flush, fuel filter and other stuff. The worst off all is thet once it comes to selling the car it will not have any stamp that weve done all of that Any sugestions are welcome how to deal with it ? Thanks for looking

Also I would like to ask for your opinion about the shark fin. Ive made a photo with it temporarily installed. It will be in Black Sapphire like rest of the components. Photo below :

Any good ?

Thank you for looking and regards

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