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Originally Posted by Loud Noises View Post
I was looking at those. I like that they're around $200 each My run flats are the PSS and paid around $1600 for four new ones. Don't think I'll do that again.
IMO the DW is the best alternative to the PSS.

Originally Posted by DJJimGreen View Post
I may sneak through. I have a work thing at 6PM but will be finishing up right around then. Car isn't washed so... gonna look kinda shitty, but what can you do.

That and the exhaust isn't on yeeeeet.
Cool. I will be there for a while.

Let me know when you want me to detail it.

Originally Posted by Shon View Post
Hopefully I'll get my front lip today so I don't have to come to the meet with a white bumper and no grills lol
Hopefully you get it today.
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