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The reality is that any way you slice it, the underlying question is a crap shoot.

You can put $200 away per month and two years later your turbos can go. That's $4800 that was banked vs a $7000 or so repair. I don't know about you, but having to go to a bank for a $2200 loan after saving a high-end motorcycle payment per month for two years would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Alternatively, you can find a well respected warranty company and do your homework on what they do and don't cover. That pen union company looked pretty interesting.

I own a Nissan Murano for which I purchased a Totalcare warranty from a company named Easycare. I paid $2100 for the warranty and it has paid out close to $5000 in repairs including an ac clutch and condenser, cv boot, wheel bearings, a tranny leak, gas tank replacement (who would have thought I'd need that?) and even a punctured tire.

As I mentioned above, I am also lucky to have the cpo warranty on my bimmer. Otherwise I would have paid about the same amount in repairs to my 335. Both of these cars started out with 32k on the odo and now have about 65k after two years.

Everyone is going to have a different opinion on this; no one is going to be right (except in hindsight).