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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
I would do:

- Diamond Audio M341 component set
- SWS-8Xi underseat woofers
- Alpine MRX F35 4-ch amp
- Stereo 2/4 harness

The M341 has adjustable-level tweeter outputs, so no need for coding or DSP to tame the boosted highs of the OEM HU full range outputs. Just set it to -2dB and if further adjustment is needed then use OEM HU tweeter adjustment level. The SWS-8Xi will provide much better and louder bass than the OEM woofers. The MRX F35 has signal sensing and high level inputs built-in. No need of LOC or running remote signal from the OEM HU to the trunk. Set front crossovers to 200Hz HP, underseat woofers to 200Hz LP and that's it. OEM HU keeps powering the rear OEM speakers. Stereo 2/4 taps underseat woofer connector to access front OEM HU full range output signal, the front speakers and woofer inputs.

No need to remove OEM HU for anything, no OEM wires to cut.

That would be about $700 shipped plus the amp cable kit and the OEM tweeter pods.

Anything else will require DSP or coding. For an extra $150 you can replace the MRX amp with two Zapco DC200.2 with built-in full DSP. You will need to run the remote signal from the back of the HU to the trunk in that case.
Thanks for this post and suggestions.

Would you take these components to the dealer to have them code and install it?
What would happen if you just did the amp and subwoofers?
Where does the amp go?
What could you use if you didn't want to top mount speakers?