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Please don't do this to your girlfriend!

It breaks my heart when I see this I'm sure you guys probably know a couple of people who do this.

I say this again. I will never, put anyone's life in this kind of reckless behavior whether sanctioned or not because the consequences of such action would be unbearable. Can you imagine living with this kind of pain for the rest of your life? I wonder if he would ever go racing again.

There is no way, I would put any of my family members, child, baby, girlfriend, or mother, strap them in a 4-point harness and take 'em on a road course and drive it like you stole it.

The last time I went racing like this, it was at Fontana Speedway drag strip and I specifically told my girlfriend that she can't ride with me. I will not put her in that kind of risk. She sat on the bench and I smoked a Dodge SRT4 for her.

By the way, the article mentioned she was strapped in a 4-point harness. I thought a 4-point harness was designed to protect the occupant from really falling out of your seat. FYI: He was driving Integra Type R.

EDIT:: Uhh, that doesn't look like a 4-point harness to me on her.

On Sunday April 21st 2013, the loving couple Jayden Duc Lam and Chelsea Vu experienced a tragedy that immediately changed the lives of their friends and families. A car incident that led the driver to a fractured face and he was then airlifted by REACH to the nearest hospital in Palm Springs. He was put into a medically-induced coma, and was directed to go through facial reconstructive surgery the night after. It was lucky, and he was barely able to survive.

To our devastation, Chelsea was unable to make it out of the accident. Riverside coroners pronounced her dead at approximately 10:30AM. A fatal car accident. Chelsea never did anybody wrong. But somehow, this beautiful young girl who gave meaning to the word "life," had lost her own.

Me and my friends went to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway for track day and my friend Jayden had lost control of his integra type r and crashed. He broke is face but should be in stable condition. His unfortunately girlfriend died at the scene. We were being as safe as we could, did safety inspection, helmets, followed all the rules and it was not his first track day so had some experience and knew his own car.
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