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Originally Posted by nukezero View Post
I've got a few buddies who go to Azusa or GMR regularly. I've been there myself one time with my friends. But I've never pushed my car, even when they kept saying "why don't you go faster?"

I told them, I've got a family, I've got a career, and I'm not going to put my life and yours as risk like that.

I've got one buddy who specifically bought a Scion FR-S just to go these California un-sanctioned road courses (GMR, Asusa, Angeles) and it's pretty reckless. Thank god he doesn't have a girlfriend.
Yeah, and damndest thing about hitting 40... I still drive fast, I still have a great time on 2 wheels and 4. But I've found I just don't NEED to hang things out as far as I used to cause yeah, I've got family, friends and a happy life.

Sad that this young girl lost hers, my hope is that both the kids were having a blast though and she went quickly. I feel for the driver and the families, long time for those scars to heal.

I met my wife in college, at the time my only transportation was a GSXR750. She went everywhere with me on the back of that thing. Then at some point, around 2003, I didn't want her on the back anymore. I would have been thirty, and for whatever reason I didn't want her on the back of the Busa anymore. I'll put other ladies back there if they are up for it, but not my wife...

Risk VS Reward, shifts on a sliding scale as you age I guess.

Again sad accident...

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