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Originally Posted by marv85 View Post
well corrections can be due to other things beside octane

I'm glad you're liking it.
Well I'm just glad it looks like I can wait a few weeks to do Plugs, Coils, exc. I had it all in my getparts cart waiting to see how these logs went

I'm also glad I went from two cylinders with multiple correction points going on down to one, and then that awful log where the entire log was corrections (thanks techron)

Originally Posted by marv85 View Post
you want to keep a constant ratio, so when you add in gas you need to add both your base fuel and E85 to maintain whatever ratio you had. of course you don't have to be accurate to 10e-15 lol, but you get my point.

I hope you are logging STFT and LPFP actual just to amke sure you are not maxing out trims, and two LPFP is keeping up
I wasn't as its on default logs I'll add those two to the ones I'll do today gives me a reason to drive more Stage1+FMIC