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Originally Posted by snoozee View Post
i THINK the antenna cable is the one with the black/pink connector. Can't verify as my car doesn't come prewired. You may want to search your driver side foot well for the other end of the cable to verify. You need to remove a panel first. read the first few posts of this thread on what you need to remove.

you do not need the rest of the cables as they seem to be for sat radio.

also check your fzd and see if there is existing mic wirings. you may also want to remove the mulf 2 and check the existing connections on it.

if your car does come prewired, you only need to do coding and maybe the swapping of the mic wiring behind the glove box.

Snooze, i was outside removing the unit so i could post pics of it... its different from others as you have said in the past but plesae review: