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Which course is this? I also live in Sacramento, make sure not to go there.

Also which insurance company? Some companies have special glass clauses for their comprehensive, such as farmers insurance, the comprehensive deductible is what you set, but specially, the glass deductible is 0 for repair, 100 for replace. so you might want to check with the insurance agent.

The only thing to worry about is that, from previous forum posts, regardless who installs the new windshield, if it's not done perfectly, it will allow moisture into the cabin screwing up the ac blowers and some electronics. unfortunately it isn't a gap or something that we can "see" visually until it's too late. (there's a post either on this or the other forum).

Should look on the bright side, if you parked your car in the other direction, you'd be painting the car now, what would you rather be doing? the ball hit the one place that can be fixed without painting.

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Same here, I want it to be OEM. If it was only $400 I may consider doing it out of pocket since my deductible for comprehensive is $250. But if it doesn't raise premiums next year, as long as my insurance will allow for OEM installation from the dealership, I'll just go that route.

I read some of the policy last night, and it said that if it's a minor repair the deductible is waived, but if your windshield needs replacement, the deductible is applied. Mine definitely is getting replaced.

Thanks for the responses all. It's been a while (6-7 years) since I filed an insurance claim so I've forgotten a bit about it. Glad to know comprehensive claims won't raise my premium.