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Originally Posted by Icecold View Post
Since u went to Shelly, then u must be in los angeles. Go try NEW CENTURY BMW and they should solve your problem. Good luck !
i'm in OC...have another appointment this Saturday...hope they can do something to stop the f..noise....i also had alignment problem b4 at 1100+ miles...Shelly bwm didn't adjust it to spec...i then complained but they claimed it's normal for the car to pull to the right a lil bit....last week i brought it in again they checked it up and came up with the caster problem and said $270 would fix it..i refused and brougth it to Vogue Alignment on Garden Grove Blvd where the men did it the old style "reading the bubble" instead of the high tech machine...switch the tires since SAI is more on the left than on the right...should be reversed...and adjusted the toes for front and rear and now it's more straight then ever b4...for 70 bucks...
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