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Originally Posted by Chicks-Love-Bimmers View Post
So I replaced my stock charge pipe and DV with the hks BOV and ER charge pipe and I'm still running into p30ff (boost leak) I also replaced a vacuum line, and I'm pretty sure all my connections are good, so what else could be the problem? I never ran into this problem with my procede, I hear that a possible solution would be replacing the turbo solenoid? Any idea where I can find one? I normally get an "engine malfunction" light if I'm at high RPMs going in 3rd gear
Doesn;t have to be a boost leak, could be boost control.

from what you're describing, it could be your boost solenoids. Before changing these, I would double check all vac lines. canisters to engine, canisters to boost solenoid, boost solenoids to wastegates...

if all looks good then change your solenoids.
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