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DSC/DTC question, but NOT the usual one

I was playing around with the buttons in my car today and I noticed something interesting.

The obvious:
- press DTC button once - DTC on (dash icon, iDrive message)
- press and hold DTC for 3 sec - DSC off (dash icon with the circled arrow and iDrive message)

now here is my question:
- press and hold DTC for 10 seconds (!) - DTC/DSC icons DISAPPEAR, no message on i Drive, and "DTC" button becomes non-operational. Pressing/holding the button didn't do anything anymore. I had to shut the car off and turn it back on again for the DTC button to start working normally.

So, what is this mode that is engaged after holding the button for 10sec? Once it's "on", you can't do anything with the button at all, but there is also nothing on the dash.

Any ideas?