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Originally Posted by BmerMeUp View Post
Mock(ing), Idiotic, Extremely bias(ed)... wow. guys. Go easy!
I did the exact same comparison on the exact same two models for myself and found (for the stuff I noticed, OP's is more thorough) EXACTLY the same observations.

At the time I had no other references to compare to, effectively a "blind" test - and in all reality I *expected* to like the F30 more. Not only was I completely unimpressed, I was shocked it presented as it did.

Yes, these are my opinions.
Yes, those are the OP's opinions.
But calling them mocking, idiotic and biased is a bit harsh, think!

But of course... that is also just my opinion!

Thank you! If we were sitting around the table somewhere having drinks it would be a cool and honest discussion. You got to compare things to some reference wheteher it's e46, e36 etc. What can I say,you think it would be good to share opinion with other enthusiasts and discuss things but I guess people are just rude, uneducated and give themselves a right to freely insult others. Way to go in your lives for sure!

I am hoping that BMW reads these comments also. I don't think I will ever post anything here ever again. Why waste my time!?

It must be that time of the month ... PMS I guess.

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