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Originally Posted by ajsalida
Originally Posted by mykal335xi View Post
30-50 shot won't get you 500whp, I did a 100 shot and only hit 480whp. The problem was the trans was slipping, mostly due to the 550wtq. Nitrous makes crazy torque, so not the best solution for longevity on the 6AT in our cars.
I don't think anyone has done the Alpina flash BEFORE running tons of TQ thru the drivetrain. Most people flashing now with RB's or similar power levels have either been beating their AT's on stock flash with no internal upgrades or beating them on Level 10 internals or similar still with stock flash. I think Terry has done some wizardry with the ECU and how it talks to the tranny but it is not clear to me what that is or does.

IOW unmolested 6HP21 tranny is virtually completely untested as far how well it will stand up to massive TQ when the right or at least better parameters are in the TCU. Probably too much to hope for as far as being bulletproof but maybe it will last a lot longer and not be so awful to drive.

We'll see.

edit: it is funny, one reason I got an AT + AWD was I was hoping there would be massive power available at some point (like GTR levels), and I thought an AT + AWD would prove to hold up better than MT + AWD. That is certainly the case on other platforms. Turns out the 6MT is nearly bulletproof and with a SMFW and better clutch that would have been a better choice in retrospect. Ah well.
I'm waiting to see how JP does
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