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Originally Posted by teshc5 View Post
I currently bought my car with m6 replicas that are all curb rashed. I decided to just change rims so I was looking at getting these CSL rep rims that are 18x8 and have an offset of 35mm. Will this make the wheel have a sunken in look? Can the spacers push them out to give an aggressive look?Im looking to use my 225 40 18 current rubber. Any reccomendations under $700 would be appreciated!. Im looking for a black mesh sort of look.

Those are the wheels im looking at.

Yes they will be sunken in. Especially in the rear. My winter setup on Pre-lci E90 is 17x8 with et20 front and et10 rear. So depends what you want, you are looking something like 20-25mm spacers which aren't exactly cheap. So it might be better to find something with lower offset.

Here you can see how et20 front and et10 rear looks on.

You can use 225/40 on 8.5 wide wheel too. In fact it works on 9 wide too, but it is little bit stretched.