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I've got just about everything done except the mic pins behind the glovebox. I cannot for the life of me get the pins to come out of the connector. Anyone have any suggestions of how to get those pins to come out? It doesn't seem like they go to a second position and then they come out.
There is a cover over the pins on the white connector in the glove box. I used a small flathead to get that cover off and was able to remove the pins easily. Tried for an hour or so before realizing that the cover on both sides of the white connector needed to be removed in order to pull the pins out. This was the hardest part of the hardware changes to make for me. Of course it was easy once I figured out how to do it correctly.

Thanks to lazd for the write up, made this upgrade possible for me.

I do have to also thank ******84 for help with changing the VO. I had issues with install of NCS and he was able to get it operating and got it coded. Project complete!