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I appreciate the OP's desire to try and provide an analysis to the issue of water pump failure but given the limitations of the sample the data is really not of much use. Not to jinx myself but I have a 06 330i with 162,000 miles on the original water pump and thermostat. I have read for the past several years posts about water pump failures which have led me to have a heightened level of concern but when you think about it folks don't go on to a forum and post when their water pump does not fail. For that reason any of the failures we see on these boards tend to give a disproportionate view of how reliable or unreliable a component is. Having said that one would not expect to have a water pump failure on any modern car within the first couple hundred thousand miles. Both the HPFP for the 335i's and the water pumps on the rest of the E90's have unacceptable levels of failures in my mind. I hope BMW gets both of these issues resolved going forward.