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JRZ RS1 Dampers - Effect of Adjustments

I guess this will be the final report on the JRZ RS1 dampers on my 2011 335d, unless sometime in the future I want to report on track results.

I have been riding at 12 of 24 all the way around with the JRZ RS1 settings. You can see how that was in my older post in the Suspension forum if interested.

So Saturday, with my wife in the car, I turned them all down to 6. Drove a little bit on city streets, including some brick, some usual crummy roads, but also US 50 and another smoother thoroughfare.

1. Still no wallowing at higher speeds. I got up to 80 or 85 and went over some bumps and depressions.
2. I took one of my favorite left-handers at a reasonably good clip, well, faster than everybody else. It is a bumpy turn with with some small holes that can upset your equilibrium in the turn. Anyway, I couldn't detect much in the way of increased body roll at all, and the usual bumps were not as noticeable.
3. OK, having said #1 and #2, let me say that it is smoother all around. There is less feel of every little nuance of the pavement surface, but not really in a bad way. I don't personally prefer it, but I know my wife did and your average passenger would also. I think I would set it down at 6 or so if I were driving interstates across country.
4. Doesn't seem to dive any more on hard braking, but honestly I didn't do much of that.
5. The turn-in didn't seem as crisp to me; the steering response is there, but there is not the instant response sense. Maybe it was psychological.

The next day I was alone in the car and I adjusted the dampers in the hard direction and all four corners are now set at 20.

1. Interestingly, I felt there was much less difference in going harder by 8 clicks than I had experienced above by going softer by 6 clicks.
2. It was noticeably firmer for sure, and part of that manifestation was in increase in the rattle I have in my dash already.
3. It wasn't objectionably worse over speed bumps or road imperfections. It just seemed to deal with them in a more "business-like" manner. Get it over with quickly and settle back down.
4. More stable on the highway at higher speeds, less body roll on the curves.
5. I'm guessing I would have to push it really hard, perhaps way beyond my skill level to really see the difference.
6. For me, I see no point in leaving them at 20, as the marginal improvement in handling for daily driving at least is not significant enough to need to endure the firmer ride. It was great at 12.
7. Another forum member who is interested in these dampers had said that another fellow had said his personal sweet spot was 13 in the front and 15 in the rear for daily driving, and as I remember 15 in the front and 17 in the back for the track. I'm sure the sweet spot is an individual thing based on driving habits and your local conditions, and it would certainly be true regarding track conditions also.

OK, that's all.
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