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This is the deal as far as batt,
1) if you switch from regular lead-acid to AGM then the car needs to know the chemical type switch, follow by option 2 below to tell DME you have brand new batt .
2) else you only need to reset the date while staying with flooded lead-acid.

I had to go to indy switching to AGM on my 2008 535i, not bad about $125 ($160 if they have to install the batt). for option two should be less fee logically. But I doubt your 2007 has AGM type battery.
AGM battery is like $135 from battery-plus, same exact size and rating. Made by the same company East-penn as OEM.

Also BT can only do option 2 above, you need INPA or auto-logic to do option 1 and 2.

AGM is better batt BTW then regular lead-acid, highly recommended unless you adrive your ca alot then maybe stay with regular flooded lead-acid.