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Originally Posted by 335iRlz View Post
Boom I think I might have put too much e85 in on my second fillup throwing the mixture 1/2 code its just working so well lol

anyway here are some logs ones a quick pull to 120 [dl2] the second is just random driving [dl3] after I discovered the mixture codes (which haven't returned since I cleared them)

Hope those are good I have no idea what the STFT and Low Pressure Fuel pump readings mean.

Still getting at least a single cylinder with a little hiccup. I wonder if its that my coils haven't ever been replaced.
Looks like your LPFP can't keep up with target. Next time you log make sure to log at least one lambda (AFR) bank, so we can see if you are running lean due to the E85 concentration. Regarding the timing correction(s), it's also a good idea to log throttle plate position so we can see if throttle closures were causing those corrections. For about a week my WGDC Main table was too agressive, and my throttle was closing to compensate for the boost overshoots. That caused timing corrections in those areas until I tuned them out. You arn't throwing misfire codes, correct?