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Originally Posted by E90Company View Post
Looks like your LPFP can't keep up with target. Next time you log make sure to log at least one lambda (AFR) bank, so we can see if you are running lean due to the E85 concentration. Regarding the timing correction(s), it's also a good idea to log throttle plate position so we can see if throttle closures were causing those corrections. For about a week my WGDC Main table was too agressive, and my throttle was closing to compensate for the boost overshoots. That caused timing corrections in those areas until I tuned them out. You arn't throwing misfire codes, correct?
Nope zippy codes other than the fuel pump plaus that everyone gets.

So it sounds like the only way to fix these issues is to have less aggressive settings, but doesn't this defeat the purpose of continuing to mod? I mean it's like why pay the license fees and entrence fees for horse racing if your horse has 3 legs and not 4

Was out looking at a gt-R tonight god the interior sucks lol

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