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I love my car...but the M235i has become a new obsession

So it has gotten into my head that I HAVE to do a eurodelivery at some point in my life, and the M235i is really the only BMW that I can afford that has any real appeal to me. A hell of a lot of appeal.

Thing is, I've had my 335 for almost 4 years and I still love it. Sooo sexy, 55,000 miles and still no real problems since the HPFP at 4,800 miles, and with a little extra something something under the hood, that N54 goes like a raped ape. fun to stomp on,. fun to throw around corners, and no matter how stupid I drive I still average 23 mpg between freeway commute and around town driving.

I suppose I could Keep my car, lease a 328d (keeping the mileage from running too high on the 335) and then dump the lease after three years, at which point I may finally be bored with the 335. The idea of no car payment does have serious appeal, and the 335 will be paid for in 13 months. I know with some TLC Bimmers can run strong well into the 100k+ range, though the N54 is rather untested in that range.

Just needed to share my pleasant dilemma with some other bimmer-philes.

Anyone else in the same boat?
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