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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
King, those are pretty strong poses, particularly the first one. All need work on the skin and the first BG needs the folds and wrinkles removed or diffused.

The first has perfect lighting on the boobs, which are the most important element there. I'd play a little with how the top of the head is cut off, maybe cutting a little more to make it look like it wasn't an accident. I'd remove one of the moles on her right boob, or maybe even both. Still, she's probably is a great model that made it easy for you, but you got a good reaction from her.

I don't like the 2d pose. It looks cliche' to me. Skin tones and textures need a good bit of work.

I love the lighting on the abs in the 3d shot. Once again, there are annoying folds in the BG. If you have one with her left eye showing, I think it would be stronger. I think a light looking down on the front of her hair would have added.

The 4th is a neat pose, that I like a lot. Folds on the BG and the bottom part of her mask are annoying. The bigger problem is that the right and left eyes have different light. Her right brow is darker to a really large amount vs. her left eye.

In this kind of work, the PP finishing is almost as important as the shooting. You've created some strong raw materials, but it's expected that your finished images will actually make your models look even better than they already do.

You might "polish" one and repost.


Thank's for the tips ,and critique Dave. I agree that the backgrounds are pretty rough, thankfully I took a lot of shots on a green screen so I can get rid of most of my backgrounds, as for the ones with the black backdrops I need to edit them, I'm new to this hobby so it will take a little practice to get used to perfecting the editing process.

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