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Originally Posted by DUI Elite View Post
I've asked you numerous times multiple questions in different posts (and watch you do the same thing to other members as well). You pick and choose one part to answer, and withhold as much information as possible just to move on.

Every one of Eurocharged, or Evolve's personnel will answer every question that you have thoroughly. I haven't witnessed the same interest in clearing up confusion, so why send you my money? Its not like I'm acting entitled either, its just a desire to know what the fuck I'm buying.

I haven't once had a clear response to a question I had or that I've viewed from other members. Just speculative sales bullshit. Its totally justified.
I had a good experience with Andrew and I'm sure he's on other forums instead of e90post and he wont be able to answer questions to every post on every thread. If it really mattered to you, you can pm him, if that doesn't work (because it didn't work for me) you can also give him a call. I called AA and asked for Andrew and we had a good convo and he answered every one of my questions about the tune and the exhaust and everything.