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Originally Posted by Pourky View Post
My problem is E85 is no where in my area. I would have to drive 20 miles for it everytime to do a E85/91 octane mix.

Are Meth Kits becoming more useless? Now that there are all these new Flash Updates with E85?

No one lives next to an e85 station, most of us stock up on e85 in 5gallon jugs... you can buy the jugs at target for $13each.

I drive from 818 to 310 to get my e85, I have 3 jugs that I fill up plus my gas tank... It lasts me 3 to 4 weeks.

Yes meth is pretty useless once you start using e85. Spraying meth on top of e85 is only needed on upgraded turbos as of this minute. (Or until fueling issues are resolved and proven)

Meth is not easy to buy, certain places sell it. Running meth requires more to setup compared to e85.