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Originally Posted by PichaDis11 View Post
I have a barebones 08 328i. At the time of getting this car, it was either this or a Kia Optima with bells and whistles. Now I tell you yes I am pissed I didnt get the BT or Sat Radio like the dealer said was there (kia). But I test drove them once and the result is I am here on this forum.

There are certain features that are standard on BMW that are not that of a Kia honda whatever... For Instance does your friend recognize dual zone climate control as standard? How about Fog lights? Sun roof? Leather seats? (I have not to this day seen a BMW with cloth seats) Why I got this car? Because I love driving. Handling, performance oh I had to image me pulling up anywhere in a BMW over a kia you get the drift. Like everyone said though your friend likes the other things beside what the car was made for; driving.
Leather seats are not standard in BMW and sunroofs are no longer standard btw.