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Originally Posted by QUiKSR20 View Post
You said it!!! I agree BMW is a BMW and Kia is a Kia there both great in there own way...

But if one brand rapes you for an option that probaly cost them next to nothing to add it should make you wonder.

Now dont go thinking the option on the other car is inferior, perfect example...

HID Headlights ( Standard on every Acura sold / Infiniti / Lexus )

Last time I check when people retro fit HID's in cars the TSX / S2k projectors
are pretty much the benchmark / best option out there.

Dont think because BMW didnt include them it made the price go any lower or that the HID's on the X model is an inferior quality part being used.

I agree bells and whistles are not why we drive BMW's but gouging is gouging. They built the brand and they deserve to charge what they want
and I agree with that but dont try to justify that its right.

The germans materials / fit & finish & refinement is where they shine. Dont confuse that with reliability or horsepower.

With the newer models like the F30 ( 4 Cylinder turbo ) you see big diff in what weve grown use to in a BMW that silky smooth INLINE 6..

The new ones are a step down..

This this this.. and all the crap about Kia not working in 5 years. They will prob work longer than a BMW and if they break at least its cheap to fix. Also I think an insult like I said is BMW is putting some of these options almost fully or fully there then not giving you the option without paying for an unlock code.