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This is hilarious and the whole point of branding. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but if you build your reputation to the point that you can charge for certain things and people will pay for it then why not?

Let's look at it the reverse way, if BMW fully equipped all their cars then almost all 3-series would have a starting price around $50k. Ever think that BMW doesnt fully equip all cars so that more people can afford them and so you can equip your "luxury" car exactly the way you want to? The saying goes you have to pay to play and if you want to play with BMW you've got to pay for it. Mercedes is the same way. I agree some things could come standard but there will still be people out there who just don't want those options and would be willing to pay more probably to not have navi/sunroof/bluetooth, etc. For those of you that want all that, you can pay BMW for it or go to another brand, it's that simple. We can sit here and argue about it all day and night but I guarantee BMW will still make their money and sleep well at night.
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