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Originally Posted by QUiKSR20 View Post
Why would the starting price be 50k to get options? If brand "y" can add the option for $10 why cant BMW and vice versa?
Makes no sense that you think they would have to charge a ton more to include a few options.

If its a $10 part for Kia it should be a $10 part for BMW esp if its a part that comes from the same mfr in the background.
( nav units / headlight assy's / transmissions etc etc )
BMW could probably charge less for these options, but the prices they choose are based on what will maximize their profits. So what if brand Y can give you a feature for $10? If BMW can sell just as many at $11 as they could at $10, then they would charge $11. If they sell fewer at $15 but the extra profit per unit makes up for it, then they'd charge $15.